Our Evaluation Framework

Company Pulse - Our Evaluation Framework

Our unique evaluation framework provides an all-round business review summarised into 5 main attributes:
P = People + Processes
U = Utilisations + Outcomes
L = Logistics + Infrastructure
S = Strategy + Finance
E = Ethos + Relationships

Our framework is used to benchmark you against comparable businesses. Our unique 360 degree balanced scorecard quickly highlights areas for improvement and sources of untapped potential.

We also deploy a range of other analytical tools to deliver a clear presentation and crisp analysis of your business health. All of our reporting is in an intuitive dashboard-style format to help you visualise and quickly absorb our findings.

We summarise our analysis of your business in terms of:
– Current capabilities
– Recent performance
– Agility, adaptability and flexibility
Allowing you to reflect on past, present and future aspects of your business health.

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