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Company Pulse - What We Do

We provide efficient, rapid and affordable business health checks. We offer a range of online and on-site consultations that provide for real performance and profitability improvements, enhancing business value.

Our unique evaluation framework delivers a clear presentation and crisp analysis of your results, which are provided in an intuitive dashboard format to help you visualise and quickly absorb our findings.

We help you take a holistic view of your business. Our business health check process makes is easy to frame our discussions with you leading to an agreed action plan and priorities for improving your business health.

A Company Pulse business health check is just the start to improving your business health. We can also support you in the implementation of your business health improvement plan, either directly with our own advisors, or through our network of trusted partners who can provide you with specialist advice and services.

We provide business health services throughout the UK and can also provide services in any country of the EU or EFTA.

All our business health checks are affordable at a price fixed in advance with no “hidden extras”. We believe our services will improve the commercial and financial health of your business and we are confident that taking one of our business health checks will deliver a substantial return on your investment. Start now to arrange your business health check and begin enhancing the value of your business.

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