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Company Pulse - Who We Are

Our mission is to improve the commercial and financial health of your business

Our team is led by internationally accomplished business professionals with exceptional records in in strategic analysis, developing business strategy and delivering strategic change.

Our experienced advisors have worked with a range of blue-chip companies such as Barclaycard, Experian, Fitness First and Waterford Wedgwood.

Our senior advisors have first-hand experience of a company director’s fiduciary duties and responsibilities and have worked with companies of all sizes and ownership structures from public through private equity to owner-managed. Their breadth of experience across a variety of sectors (including retailing, manufacturing, professional and financial services, property and utilities) allows us to provide you with informed, independent and objective advice.

Working with Company Pulse means you get experienced business professionals who have truly “been there, done it personally”.

We are based in Nottingham with a secondary office in Gloucestershire. Find our contact details.

We are also able to tap into a network of trusted partners who can provide more specialised services, such as:
– Strategic marketing
– Business development
– Financial and business planning
– Executive coaching
– Technology insight and planning
– Change management
– Tax advice

These partnerships mean we remain dedicated to providing business health services while you benefit from specialist expertise which will improve the health of your business.

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