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Company Pulse business health checks

Our business health checks are all-round reviews that provide for real performance and profitability improvements, to begin enhancing business value.

We analyse your business health in depth to produce financial and operational benchmarks using our unique PULSE framework and summarised in our 360 degree balanced scorecard:

People + Processes
Utilisations + Outcomes
Logistics + Infrastructure
Strategy + Finance
Ethos + Relationships

All our business health checks are efficient, rapid and affordable reviews that support strategic decision making. We always offer practical, realistic and actionable recommendations and help you prioritise improvement plans.

We offer 3 levels of business health check:

our premium service that uses the full range of our analytical tools to review your business, with our experienced advisors meeting your senior management to review the business in-depth, providing a detailed and comprehensive report, and discussing our findings and their implications with your Board

Silver: a comprehensive all-round business health check having the same scope as our Gold service but faster delivery, with one of our experienced advisors meeting you on-site and discussing our feedback via video-conference.
Bronze: a financial health check covering the current financial position and forecasts of future financial results, plus a review of financial planning and controls,  all conducted exclusively online.

Compare our business health checks or view some sample reports

Start arranging your business health check now to enhance the value of your business.

If you want to  sample our services before you buy, you can always start with our Free Trial Diagnostic which produces a short diagnostic report at no cost.

We also offer a range of complementary other business health services.

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