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March Business Health News from Company Pulse

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P – People + Processes

EU migrants say UK employers have been ‘very poor’ on Brexit support
People Management 29 March 2018
More than a third of EU citizens working in the UK say their employer has been ‘very poor’ in answering their questions and providing support around Brexit, according to an exclusive People Management poll and almost half are making plans to leave the country.
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Pay rises are accelerating and the labour market is still roaring
EEF 22 March 2018
EEF’s Pay Bulletin has seen a quite sustained growth in manufacturing wages in the last few months. Annual three-month average growth between 2.2% and 2.5% has been recorded in the last six months with an extremely low number of pay freezes and deferrals.
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Spotlight on apprenticeships highlights role of levy on training investment
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 9 March 2018
National Apprenticeship Week 2018 highlights some great work. But reform of the apprenticeship levy is needed for more progress on skills.
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U – Utilisations + Outcomes

Private sector growth slows in quarter to March
Confederation of British Industry 29 March 2018
Growth in the UK’s private sector slowed in the three months to March, according to the latest CBI Growth Indicator.
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Looking at manufacturing output from a different angle
EEF 29 March 2018
GDP growth in the last quarter of 2018 was confirmed by the ONS at 0.4%. 2017 annual growth was slightly revised up to 1.8%. Business investment was also revised up by 0.3%. Now, let’s see these numbers in another way.
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Small business confidence bounces back as economic forecasts lift
Federation of Small Businesses 27 March 2018
Confidence among small UK firms is rebounding against a backdrop of lower inflation, progress on Brexit talks and a positive Spring Statement, according to the latest FSB Small Business Index.
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L – Logistics + Infrastructure

Manufacturers agree: They need more cyber-security support
EEF 27 March 2018
Manufacturers understand cyber-security is a serious threat to businesses of all sizes, but often feel unprepared for tackling the challenge of safeguarding their organisation.
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Big Northern and Midlands cities outperforming rest of country
Centre for Cities 21 March 2018
A new report reveals the scale of urban transformation in big Northern and Midlands cities over recent decades and shows that the number of people living and working in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham city centres has soared in comparison to other cities across the country.
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BCC launches ‘No More Not Spots’ campaign
British Chambers of Commerce 20 March 2018
The UK’s leading business group is launching a campaign that will bring together business communities and those involved in delivering coverage to identify coverage challenges and work through solutions to improve poor mobile coverage.
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S – Strategy + Finance

Trade and skills top of small business wish list as Brexit countdown hits one year
Federation of Small Businesses 29 March 2018
With a year left on the Brexit clock, small businesses are urging the Government to agree the future economic partnership with the EU. According to FSB research, the EU single market is a priority trading bloc with 63% of small firms wanting to see a trade deal prioritised with the EU.
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Consumers already paying the price of Brexit twelve months ahead of official separation
Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply 20 March 2018
Brexit uncertainty is causing businesses to pass the increase in costs incurred as a result of supply chain challenges on to consumers, according to new research from CIPS – nearly one third of UK businesses have increased their prices as a result of Brexit.
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UK economy remains subdued despite uplift from strong global growth
British Chambers of Commerce 19 March 2018
The BCC has upgraded its growth expectations for the UK economy, raising its forecast for GDP from 1.1% to 1.4% in 2018 and from 1.3% to 1.5% for 2019, and its first forecasts for 2020 is for 1.6% growth.
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E – Ethos + Relationships

Gender pay gap: multiple firms submit questionable data
The Guardian 29 March 2018
The equalities watchdog has insisted it will pursue companies that submit inaccurate figures on their gender pay gaps after multiple firms appeared to file questionable information as some firms have entered zero in all fields or claimed mathematically impossible gaps.
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Use of legal measures to silence workplace harassment victims more widespread
People Management 29 March 2018
A parliamentary panel heard evidence on how the use of non-disclosure agreements to silence employees from speaking out about workplace sexual harassment had become endemic – with some former employees only now starting to speak about them
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Engaging with staff on workplace pensions ‘fundamental’ to successful retirements
Confederation of British Industry 27 March 2018
Offering high-quality workplace pensions is critical to successful businesses and retirements, but more workers and firms need to ‘open their eyes’ to the benefits of pensions and be alert to the risks of failing to engage.
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