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Q) What do we mean by “business health”?
A healthy business is one that is better adapted to its environment than its competitors. We look more widely than just financial results, as our analysis framework covers: People + Processes; Utilisations + Outcomes; Logistics + Infrastructure; Strategy + Finance; and Ethos + Relationships. Our evaluation of business health focuses on current capabilities, recent performance, agility, adaptability and flexibility. You can read more in our post “ What are the key indicators of business health?

Q) What is a business health check?
A Company Pulse business health check is an all-round review of your organisation’s business health. We use a balanced-scorecard approach for evaluating your results, which are benchmarked against comparable organisations. We present our analysis and findings in an intuitive, graphical dashboard-style report. We also provide a practical set of recommendations and an action plan for improvement. You can read more in our post “ What is a business health check?

Q) How does the business health check work?
Company Pulse uses 3 main sources of data: qualitative information provided by you via an online questionnaire and structured discussions with us; your recent financial accounts; and publically available information about your industry. We combine this data with our set of proprietary benchmarks to produce your overall scorecard. We then produce a report including the health check results and our recommendations, which we will discuss with you.

Q) What do I get from a business health check?
We provide you with a comprehensive report of your business health. Depending on which service you take, this will include benchmarking against comparable businesses; an analysis of your industry dynamics and what these mean for future prospects; a summary of business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; analysis of past and current financial performance; a set of financial forecasts under various scenarios; and our insights, recommendations and suggested priorities for improving your business prospects. You can find examples of this output on our sample reports page.

Q) How detailed is a business health check?
Company Pulse analyses up to 90 different benchmarks for your business, allowing analysis in considerable detail. We provide an overview of all the most important aspects of your business in sufficient detail to prioritise next steps (which might include more detailed analyses of specific areas of interest).

Q) What do the colours on the scorecard mean?
Company Pulse uses a colour-coded system to help you visualise and absorb our findings. The colours follow the Red-Amber-Green system (green being best). The colours do not reflect absolute results – since every business is different – but indicate relative performance against comparable businesses. You can view an example of our 360 degree scorecard

Q) How do the benchmarks work?
Company Pulse holds an extensive set of business performance data from which we calculate benchmarks for 90 different aspects of business practice (or dimensions). These benchmarks are calculated in ways that allows us to compare different businesses taking into account their size and industry sector. We can then locate your business on each dimension relative to comparable businesses, for example showing whether you are in the top decile or close to the median.

Q) What are the differences between the various business health checks offered by Company Pulse?
Gold is our premium service with our experienced advisors meeting your senior management on-site to review the business in-depth, providing a detailed and comprehensive report, and discussing our findings, including financial scenarios, with your Board

Silver is a comprehensive all-round business health check having the same scope as our Gold service but faster delivery, with one of our experienced advisors meeting you on-site and discussing our feedback via video-conference. Our Silver business health check is most appropriate for smaller or simpler businesses

Bronze is a financial health check covering the current financial position and forecasts of future financial results, plus a review of financial planning and controls, conducted exclusively online

Q) How is a business health check different from an accountant’s review?
We take account of all aspects of your business operations, not just financial performance: people, processes, productivity, logistics, infrastructure, strategy, ethos and relationships with others – as well as the traditional review of financial results, controls and compliance.

We also provide a set of financial forecasts, rolling forward your results to give you insights into how your business might perform in future.

Q) How does the free trial work?
Our free trial diagnostic is a simplified version of a business health check using an online questionnaire to gather data. From this we produce a high-level report which we email to you.

Q) What do I get from the free trial?
We provide you with a one-page high-level summary of your business health with suggestions for improving future prospects.

Q) Is my business information kept confidential?
Yes. Company Pulse treats all information received as confidential and does not reveal or share it with any third-party. The questionnaires we use to gather data are protected with access only provided to the individual(s) you nominate. All our benchmark data is anonymised and individual organisations are not identifiable from this data. We place the utmost importance on data integrity and security.

Q) Who can see the results of my business health check?
Only you will receive the results of your Company Pulse business health check and we will not disclose the results to third-parties. You may choose to share the results with others if you wish.

Q) How long will a business health check take?
We will normally arrange to feedback the results of your business health check within a week of receiving all the required information. Given that you may take a few days after our initial briefing to collate the information and complete the questionnaire, you should expect about two weeks from start to finish. For our Gold business health check, where we carry-out more in-depth interviews and meetings, you should allow about one month in total.

Q) How do I arrange a business health check?
Just go to the Start
page – this will lead you through the booking process. You will need to make an initial payment, via PayPal, when you confirm your order. This will create a legal agreement between us.

Q) How much does a business health check cost?
Company Pulse business health check costs are as follows:

Gold £3,000

Silver £1,500

Bronze £500

You will see the fixed-price of your business health check as you go through the booking process. We guarantee not to charge any ‘hidden extras’, subject to our invoices being settled when due. All our prices are subject to VAT.

Q) How and when do I have to pay?
You need to make an initial payment via PayPal when you confirm your order for a business health check. Once we have completed your business health check we will submit an invoice for the balance. You should pay this final invoice by BACS transfer to our nominated bank account within 30 days of the invoice date.

Q) Do I have a right to cancel?
Yes, you have a right to cancel within 14 days or your order if you change your mind. Your initial payment would then be refunded in full.

Q) Where can I find full terms and conditions?
You will be given a link to our terms on conditions during the booking process. You can also find our terms of business here
. We will send you a full copy of the agreement between us (which includes our full terms of business) in confirmation of your order.

Q) What happens next?
We will contact you and send you a copy of our agreement with you. We will arrange your detailed briefing and, for a Gold or Silver business health check, start arranging interviews and meetings. We will explain what information we require from you and how to go about completing an online questionnaire. We provide extensive support throughout the health check process.

Q) What information do I need to provide?
You need to complete our online questionnaire and send us copies of your statutory accounts (for the last 3 year-ends) plus your latest management accounts. If you have additional information you think may help us, please send that too. We may also request further information during our discussions with you.

Q) What does the online questionnaire entail?
Our questionnaire comprises a series of screens containing questions covering various areas of your business. The questionnaires contain around 100 questions and should take about one to one-and-a-half hours to complete. In most cases questions are answered by selecting from a multiple-choice list. You will also need to input some numerical information (for example the number of employees). We will provide a briefing in advance so that you can prepare and have the required information at hand.

Q) Can I save a partially completed online questionnaire?
Yes. You can save your answers after any screen and resume the questionnaire from that point at a later time. We will provide the relevant instructions in advance.

Q) How can I subscribe to the Company Pulse mailing list?
You can use our contact form
to subscribe to our mailing list. We will send you our monthly Newsletter and other insights. You can also use this form to unsubscribe if you want us to remove you from our mailing list.

Q) Who can I speak to if I need more information?
You can call us on 07934 783639

Q) How else do I get help?
You can use our online support service by clicking on the “Click for online support” button at the bottom right of any webpage to (text) chat to us live. If the button reads “Please leave a message”, we are offline, but you can leave a message which we will answer as soon as possible.

Q) What if I don’t agree with the results?
We aim to provide relevant findings that offer new insights into your business, but we accept that you may disagree with some of our conclusions. We therefore schedule a discussion with you prior to finalising our report and recommendations. This dialogue is intended to reach a consensus on the results but is not guaranteed to remove all disagreements.

Q) What if I’m dissatisfied with the service?
We aim to provide a high quality of service at all times. If, however, you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving you should let us know and we undertake to look into any such complaint carefully and promptly and to take reasonable steps to put it right. Full details of our dispute resolution process will be set out in our agreement with you.

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