Healthy Businesses

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There are three qualities that are necessary for a healthy business:

Current capabilities
Having the tools and expertise to meet the challenges of its business environment, including operating efficiently, and being able to learn from mistakes and build on successes.

Recent performance
Performing well and generating resources for the future. A sound track-record does not just mean growth, but consistently strong results and the ability to turn a good top line into solid profits and, most importantly, cash.

Agility, adaptability and flexibility
In addition to being well-adapted to the current environment, healthy businesses need to be able to change to keep up with, or stay ahead of, the competition and be able to respond effectively to new threats and opportunities.

There is no one measure of business health, which is why we use a balanced scorecard to benchmark you across a range of measures against comparable businesses.

Start now to find out how healthy your business is and, more importantly, how it can be improved.

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