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We offer three different levels of business health check, all of which provide an independent and objective review of your business, benchmarking it against comparable businesses, identifying areas for improvement and setting priorities for implementation. So here are some pointers to help you decide which health check is the right one for your business.

Our Gold business health check is our premium service and uses the full range of our analytical tools to review your business:
1. Our experienced advisors will meet your senior management on-site to review your business in-depth, giving you plentiful personal contact time.
2. We use scenario analysis to review forecast financial performance and highlight a range of potential outcomes.
3. Our advisors present and discuss our findings in person with your Board.
We think our Gold service is most appropriate for more complex businesses, such as those with multiple brands or product categories, those operating in a number of territories, or planning to expand into new markets, brands or product categories.

Our Silver business health check has the same scope as our Gold service. The key differences are:
1. Only one of our experienced advisors will meet you to review your business.
2. A simpler review of forecast financial performance.
3. The presentation and discussion of our findings is via video-conference.
A Silver business health check is cheaper and quicker to complete than the Gold and is most appropriate for smaller or simpler businesses, such as those with a single brand or product category, and probably not (yet) exporting to a significant degree.

Our Bronze business health check is our entry-level service and is focused on finance:
1. Covering only the financial aspects of your business, notably analysis of the current financial position, forecasts of future financial results and a review financial planning and controls.
2. Is conducted exclusively online.
3. You can elect to discuss our findings with one of our experienced advisors via video-conference.
A Bronze business health check is the cheapest and quickest to complete and is most appropriate for businesses whose prime concern is their finances.

You can also view a detailed comparison of our business health checks.

You can get started online. But if you still can’t decide, please contact us and we can discuss your needs.

If you want to sample our services before you buy, you can always start with our Free Trial Diagnostic.

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